What is the European Opera Passport?

The European Opera Passport is your personal ticket to enjoy 5 opera performances of your choice at a very democratic price and from the best categories of seats. You can always check the updated list of available great performances on this site. If you are not sure you will visit 5 different cities this year, we have even better news: you may attend up to 2 performances by a same opera company.

Who can buy a European Opera Passport?

Anyone younger than 31 (and, yes, we need a copy of your ID CARD) who knows or who wants to know that The Ride of the Valkyries existed before Star Wars.

Anyone younger than 31 who enjoys opera but also wants to have some spare money to buy some drinks afterwards.

Anyone younger than 31 curious to discover culture through the spectacular world of opera.

Anyone younger than 31 who is in for a great cultural deal!

How much does it cost?

The European Opera Passport only costs 90€ (don’t ask us how we do it) and gives you the opportunity to enjoy 5 opera performances to be chosen from this list.

Your opass card is valid for performances during a whole opera season (from September of a year to August of the next year)

How do I book my tickets?
Just contact us at info@opass.eu and tell us which performance(s) you would like to attend. You may make your choice until 2 weeks before the date of the performance.

We will do the necessary for you, and your ticket will be waiting for you at the box office on the evening of the performance.

Where do I buy a European Opera Passport?

Just click here to register online. You will receive your opass card by post within 10 working days.
You can decide which performances you’d like to attend up to 2 weeks before the show!

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